Flexible on time travelling

Enjoy the timeliness of scheduled bus services with the convenience of flexible departure times and locations. This means that you do not have to plan your day around that 7am or 2pm bus anymore, nor do you have to go stand and flag down random cars by the roadside. Let’s Go empowers you get a seat in a car that departs at a time and from a place that is most convenient for both the driver and the traveller!

Trust and Safety

With our multi-level verification system, Let’s Go drivers and travellers are assured that their soon to be “ride buddies” are verified members of our community. Each member’s community rating also helps in building trust and confidence that other buddies approve of an individual and by pre-stating routes and rest stop options, travellers journey in full knowledge of who they their ride buddies are, in what car they are in and the route being taken to their destination. Lastly by collecting information that criminals would hesitate to give out, we curate a community of trust worthy travellers looking to share the ride.

Comfort & Convenience

By allowing travellers to select the type of vehicle to board and the seat to occupy, Let’s Go offers true convenience through choice to its travellers. There is no need to hop onto the first car that stops by the roadside, or for drivers to break the law by soliciting for passengers in prohibited areas like highway roadsides. Drivers also list the on-board services and preferences like air conditioning, music choice, power and whether smoking is allowed or not all in a bid to match ride buddies who will enjoy the ride.